Foot Spray Commercial- Footsie

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Foot Spray Commercial- Footsie

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There was a commercial for foot spray on YouTube a while back that seemed to have disappeared. The song " LOVE" by Sinatra is playing and it shows a cute couple going out to dinner. The woman resembles Anna Kendrick a little and is wearing a black dress with black pumps and nude nylons. She is giving the cutest smile to the guy as he is speaking. Then all of a sudden the camera zooms in on her face as she gives a super seductive look. Her eyes look down and then back at him showing that she is feeling frisky. Its a quick shot but she swifty removes her pump and runs her foot against his leg. The pump is wobbling as she does it which to me adds to the scene. The guys gives a suprised look and then she shows a bashful smile with a shoulder shrug.

The guy wants to play too so he removes his shoe to reveal a dark green socked foot. As he is reaching, the women is slipping her shoe back on. His foot catches and runs up her hosed ankle as her shoe is back in her heel. She gives a big satisfying grin, then suddenly her eyes cross, passes out, and her face lands in the soup as the record scratches. Her man has stinky feet and needs the footspray. Funny commercial but it is freaking hot. I don't know the brand name and it was released around 2010 possibly.

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