A Little Shopping Shoeplay

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A Little Shopping Shoeplay

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A few weekends ago, my wife and I went out for an afternoon of shopping. We hadn't "gone out" like that in a while, and she decided to dress up a little more than usual. She went for a charcoal pencil skirt, black tights, and black ballet flats with a little buckle ornament. I was thrilled; she's worked from home a lot the last year, and though she still insisted on dressing up each day because it felt "normal," she'd traded her tights and her vast array of cute shoes for slippers and flip-flops that she'd slip off at the couch. Tights and real shoes were a welcome treat.

Her choice of shoes was cause for optimism, too. They're a regular go-to in her wardrobe because they match everything, and they're more weatherproof than her cute fabric flats. But they used to hurt her feet to wear for very long...not that she ever wears shoes very long.

We started with lunch in the car, followed by a trip to an outdoor mall. The stores weren't too busy, but our pace and our purpose kept us from being too, too leisurely about it. But true to herself, she would linger to look at a blouse every so often and pop her shoe off to let her nylon foot breathe a bit. With no benches to sit down for a break, she looked forward to getting back to the car so she could take her shoes off.

We stopped for coffee and made a final stop before dinner at one of her favorite department stores. We actually timed it well, as the store was pretty empty. That was good; my wife wanted to take her time at the clearance racks.

But taking time tested her comfort, and the longer she looked around, the more she dipped her feet from her shoes, or popped her heel out of her shoe. She finally decided she'd found enough bargains, but we weren't done shopping yet. We went to the back of the store to look at some things for the house, and while we were there, pretty much alone, she actually had to stop a couple times to take a shoe off and stretch her aching foot.

I guess this is where a year of longing for "action" comes into play, because I ended up suggesting that we walk a few aisles over to the selection of scatter rugs and doormats. She followed my lead, and I said, "why don't we put a rug on the floor and you can take your shoes off to 'test' it?" Ultimately none of the mats seemed soft, and she felt funny putting her feet on something someone would buy. But her shoes were still hurting her, so she slipped her flats off and stood in between her shoes, wiggling her toes and arching and stretching her sore feet.

She spent a few minutes "evaluating" her finds, and I spent a few minutes "evaluating" her stockinged feet. She has no qualms about her shoes coming off in public, but she doesn't like dirty feet, nor do I. So while I entertained the idea of picking up her shoes to carry them while we browsed a bit more, I didn't do it. That was fine; even after the shoes went back on, she dipped a little while we finished our shopping.

A half-hour later, we were home on the couch with dinner on the table and her stockinged feet in my lap.

One of the casualties of COVID, for me, has been the carefree attitude we used to take toward going out of the house. You didn't think twice if you stayed in a store a little longer, or paused for a break in a public place. In the past, we might have stopped for her to sit down at a bench, or we'd have sat down at the coffee shop for her to take a shoe break. Now, every trip is a mission with a clear purpose. I hope, as things get closer to normal, that we can relent on that a bit.

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