After work sock play

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After work sock play

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I used to date a girl that worked in a legal office. Her fashion sense was generally conservative but she liked to splash in some vintage touches - think Audrey Hepburn (as per the attention pic). A normal work day for her would consist of something like a thin turtleneck sweater, capri slacks, and always opaque hose or thin socks with flat shoes.

One Friday afternoon she came over directly from work wearing a black and blue striped sweater vest with a white blouse underneath with the collar showing, short light gray pants, ballerina flats, and black opaque trouser socks. The shoes had a leather sole with about a half inch heel, and they made alot of noise on the kitchen floor. She had brought dinner with her so she sat right down to eat. The moment she didn't heard the heel echo on the linoleum - she had begun shoeplaying. Her move was to extend both legs out and pop her heels out before pushing both shoes off using the floor. Sometimes I would tease her about it, because she would never keep her shoes on for more than a minute once seated. She would always say that she lifted her legs routinely like that at work as a mild form of exercise, and now it was a "habit."

I sat down at the table but kept the chair out a bit so I could keep seeing her gorgeous black dress socked feet gliding in and out of those flats. I had a great view - I could see the "DKNY" logo on the sole that was printed in gray every time she let the ballerina flats fall. I loved when they fell awkwardly so she would have to start fishing for them with her silky toes. I never told this girl that I had a massive sock fetish, but at this point in the relationship she knew. After a while she let her shoes drop one last time and put her feet directly on my lap. "My feet are cold" she said with a wry smile.

When I put my hands onto her sock clad feet they actually did feel a little cool, so I began rubbing them up and down. I distinctly remember how soft these particular socks felt between my fingers, as they were not full nylon or cotton. I didn't know it at the time but when I did a quick search after the fact I found that they were a microfiber blend - very smooth - almost "creamy" for lack of a better term. I can definitely see it being next to impossible for her to keep her skimpy ballet flats on while wearing those fine, delicate socks.

As I slid my hands up and down the top of her feet, her soles, and up past her ankles and onto her calves, she exhailed and made a little sound like "mmm." "Is dinner tasty?" I asked rather stupidly. "It's great..." she replied with another exhale. I reached up under her pant leg at this point in order to find the top of her sock. They weren't knee length socks but they were probably 2 inches higher than mid calf. When I located the elastic at the top I put my fingers under it and tugged down a bit creating little wrinkles of fabric underneath. I was starting to knead the silky soft material between my fingers when she looked at me and said, "oh thank you, I've been wearing these socks all day, they are a little constrictive." I was beginning to feel her tensing up in rhythmic pulses every time I squeezed her feet and ran my hands up and down her calves. She inhaled sharply and asked, "do you like these socks? I just got them." I mumbled something to the effect of "they look great on you..." while I continued squeezing and pushing on her feet as she throbbed. By this time, I was pulling her DKNY ensconced dress socked foot deeper into my lap. I was thrusting her feet together, and they slid against eachother effortlessly due to the fine material from which they were made. She began sliding her feet around my lap , flexing her toes so as to to "grab" me with her slender black socked feet. I pushed them harder into my lap, hoping to warm her feet (and the rest of her)
with more than just my hands.

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