Quick update on the weekend

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Quick update on the weekend

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I decided to get a pedicure on Friday. I also got a toe ring and an anklet. My hubby hasn't been able to take his eyes off them. I relaxed by the pool while he did some yard work. He of course cooked dinner.

Saturday was particularly funny though. I went out with my friends texting him orders while he was at home. I timed it that every time he was about to be done a new text would come in.

Even though I got a pedicure he still does my callouses. I made him spend his time with them. And then the foot rub with lotion. He spent over an hour rubbing them. Towards the end I could tell he was tired. He got to lay down at the foot of the bed and continue to rub them with the other propped up on his face. I could tell he so wanted to worship them and relieve himself so I just caressed his face with it petting him like I would a dog. Unfortunately for him he had to rub until I tell him to stop and I fell asleep. Lol. An hour later I woke up with my foot on his face and him still massaging. Oh well. Lol. I told him he was not allowed to touch himself and to kiss my feet and go to sleep.

Sunday we were out all day and I was tired so he rubbed my feet again and went to sleep.

So he has had blue balls for two days. Question is what do I do tonight?

On a separate note if anyone has any ideas on how to make my iPhone pics less that 2mb you can seem my pedicure 🤣

Check out my only fans page for more pics and details
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